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Roberton Island (Moturohia Island)

Roberton Island is located in the Bay of Islands near Russell.


Roberton Island is also known as Moturohia Island. It is located directly opposite Long Beach, Russell. Roberton Island was the first place where Captain Cook entered the Bay Of Islands. Unfortunately they were attacked from the island by Maori when they tried to row ashore.

Roberton Island is best known for Twin Lagoons Bay. This is a unique natural feature where 2 beaches meet with a small strip of sand in the middle. There are many walks on the island and you can definitely make a day of it. The main walk to the lookout in the centre of the island is well worth the 15 minute uphill walk. It is a simply spectacular view! Cliffs on one side, beaches on the other. Clear water below  you and a perfect 360 degree view around the Bay of Islands.

Unfortunately getting to Roberton Island is only possible by boat, or helicopter! We kayaked across from Long Beach, Russell which is a bit of a feat and not recommended unless you are an experienced kayaker. If you are travelling around the Bay of Islands by boat then defintely stop in and moor in the Twin Lagoons Bay.